Welcome to the Child Development Laboratory!

Our research focuses on multiple facets of socio-emotional development. We study cognitive, social and emotional processes and are interested in the observation and measurement of attention, memory, as well as emotion expression and social experience. Our lab specializes in linking these psychological processes to neural activity through brain imaging methods such as EEG, ERP and functional neuro-imaging.

Here's a video overview of some of the work we do in the CDL.


Special thanks to all our families who helped us create this video!

Lab Director:
Dr. Nathan Fox

In the news:
Recently the Child Development Lab has been featured in both LiveScience and on University of Maryland's website! Click these links to read about research going on in the lab.

One of Dr. Fox's projects, the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, was featured in the National Geographic magazine for their January issue! Follow this link for more information!

Newsweek Magazine recently featured Dr. Fox in one of its special edition releases. Follow this link to read the article!

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Our Mailing Address is:
Child Development Lab
3304 Benjamin Building
College Park, Maryland 20742-1131
Phone: 301-405-8315 

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