For prospective graduate students: 

Dr. Fox is not currently considering applications for graduate students. 

For prospective postbaccalaureate research assistants:

Dr. Fox is not currently considering applications for a postbaccalaureate research assistant.

For prospective undergraduate research assistants:

The role of undergraduates in our research:

Undergraduate Research Assistants (UGRAs) have a very important role in our research. They are needed to assist in many aspects of data collection and analysis. UGRAs may help recruit subjects, set-up and run experiments, and code data. Also, as an UGRA, you earn course credit for working in the lab! 

What an undergraduate can learn from this experience:

Our undergraduate research assistants get "hands-on" research experience. They will be exposed to the research methodology, as well as the logistics of running a study. They will become familiar with the administration of a protocol and become accustomed to a research setting. 

Our undergraduate students have the option of completing an honors project:

Many students who start out as UGRAs eventually do honors projects in the lab. If you are a sophomore or junior and you think you would like to do an honors project, a good first step is to get involved in research as a UGRA. You will learn the basic laboratory procedures and begin to see what kinds of projects are available for honors students to pursue. 

Working in the CDL helps our undergraduates move forward in their careers:

"This past Fall (2016), I started the Masters in Psychology program at Rutgers University-Camden. I'm currently preparing a Masters thesis and assisting in data collection for several studies in the pediatric oncology unit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. My experience as an undergraduate research assistant in the Child Development Lab was invaluable and laid a strong foundation for my continued interest in psychological research." -Yael, CDL UGRA 2013-2014

"Beginning in 2015 I worked as a Child Development Lab undergraduate research assistant for graduate student Sonya Troller-Renfree. After graduating in 2016, I accepted a position as a full-time faculty research assistant to work on the Temperament Over Time Study. I am extremely grateful for my time in the lab and look forward to utilizing the research foundation I developed in the lab as I enter medical school this fall, on my path to becoming a pediatrician." - Brady, CDL UGRA 2015-2016


If you are a Psychology major, there is a prerequisite of at least 9 credits within the major and maintaining at least a 3.2 major GPA as well as an overall GPA of 2.8. If you are an Education major, you will need to get approval from the department to work in the lab for course credit. In addition, we would like students to make a 2-semester commitment to the lab. Learning our procedures is time consuming and students often take most of the first semester simply learning the ropes. Thus, students gain better experience by spending two semesters in the lab as during the second semester students are given more responsibility and have the opportunity to learn new skills. 


Contact us for more information at Please include your resume/CV and unofficial transcript.